"Creating a vision for what's possible is the first important step, 

but moving the vision beyond a dream and into reality requires

empowered activity.  

Tapping into ideas, visions, and deep potential, 

and matching individual power with powerful systems is key"

About Laurelea

2015 - Kirra Criterium Race

2015 - Kirra Criterium Race

The urge to do things better, is an almost universal human drive. There are keys to Performance Optimising that take out the frustration and resignation that can set in when goals are not reached. The mindset characteristics of high level performance apply across fields, and can be learned. Performance sustenance is supported by a wellness paradigm. 

In sport this is essential, and has been tried and tested. In both 2016 and 2017 Laurelea was named both Female Masters Track Cyclist of the Year and overall Australian Masters Cyclist of the Year, with a swathe of state and national Gold but also stunning UCI World Masters Track Championship results (2016:  4 Gold and 1 Bronze, and 2017: 3 Gold and 3 Silver). She has also had highest success on the podium on national and world stage in masters for road cycling.

Laurelea completed tertiary qualifications (BA Applied Science in Human Movement Studies, BA Health Science in Acupuncture, Certificate IV in two remedial massage styles and Strength Coaching), and took an active interest in other areas such as nutrition, toxicology and personal growth. She is currently studying medicine through Oceania Medical University, Samoa. For over a decade she has operated a private practice, helping people realise their goals.  She writes on wellness and performance, has been an international keynote speaker, and is passionate about delivering performance and wellness outcomes.  more


Laurelea has spent over 17 years in the wellness field, adding skills and more effective methodologies along the way. Her intention has remained the same: help people feel better, live better, and be better.  Her wellness concepts built from fitness, as an exercise and rehabilitation trainer, and moved into remedial treatments, acupuncture and nutrition.

There is a road map to mind and body wellness, and it draws the elements together. This incorporates challenges to the physical body (e.g. strength or hormone balance), nutrition and absorption (e.g. food preparation or gut health), but also the emotional (such as developing positive habits like discipline, resilience and commitment.) more


Laurelea Speaking

Laurelea is a passionate and engaging speaker who knows that connecting, leading and teaching are all available through the art of speakership.  more › 

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