What Has She Done?

Over her 17 years in the health industry Laurelea worked as an exercise and rehabilitation trainer, finished a Bachelors degree in Human Movement Studies (i.e. Exercise Science), and Acupuncture (BA Health Sciences- Acupuncture), as well as studied to certificate level in Remedial Massage styles and Strength Coaching. For the last 12 years she worked her private practice, helping people realize their health and wellness goals.  Over this time she developed a strong network of health professionals that are often utilised to achieve best outcomes.  She is passionate about getting the wellness message out, including speaking at national conventions and for businesses.  

"My focus now is sharing from my knowledge and experience, as so many of the keys of my learning have incredibly broad application. Doing this in a systemised way makes it faster and easier for people to get where they want to go."


Laurelea is an accredited Acupuncturist (AHPRA certified) having studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is an expert in empowering people who are moving towards a wellness mindset, and wanting more health, vitality, and achievement in their life.  The other study she completed allows Laurelea the flexibility to incorporate personalized exercise and nutritional programming and remedial massage into her professional services.  Laurelea's speaking skills have been developed through networking and a desire to make a difference, both within her profession and within the community. 

She lights up! But why?

When people move towards their goals, the world gets changed. "Being able to ignite the spark, or provide the framework for movement towards growth, is a very exciting and humbling experience for me" and Laurelea finds that her experiences allow her to impact outside of a wellness specific context.  In saying that, the industry of medicine and health provision is a dynamic and exciting field. Big game changes are underway as the healthcare system struggles to cope with the epidemic of modern chronic diseases, and hasn’t caught up with the possibilities allowed by advances in communication, technology, and collaboration. Within this context, being able to offer preventative and wellness optimizing solutions that empower people towards their goals is a true work of passion for Laurelea, and part of the global paradigm shift that people are seeking.

Who does she help?

Sometimes the reason that we change, is in response to an urgent problem (such as "I don't have the energy to play my kids" or "I had a heart attack, I need to do something about my health".  If the solution can be a learning able to be implemented over a lifetime, as well as addressing the week to week challenges, then a more powerful impact has been made.  If you can get in before things are in a disaster state, then even greater possibilities are available.  Laurelea has helped business owners, athletes, professionals, mums and their children all find the benefits of comprehensive wellness solutions.  Her perfect client is one who has decided that its time to deal with things and is willing to take action, or is someone simply look for the best out of life and is willing to take a wide view.  

There's a concept Laurelea created and likes to foster: "Dr Me". What does "Dr Me" mean? It’s helping people become aware of their body and what its telling them, and empowering them with knowledge of the simple and non specialist information, to keep their own health on track by utilising easily accessible resources (like foods as medicine, nutritional supplements, or exercise).  A key part of "Dr Me" is knowing when outside support is needed. This is sometimes simple weekly support (by allied health professionals) to reduce the mental strain of garnering the willpower to do the things that need to be done, but its especially to know when experts are needed to be called in, and in this case, people have a great network of true medical and health professionals to return them or take them to their health goals.

What is IT about Laurelea….

Its not always just about what you know, but about how you connect and communicate with people.  Laurelea has had an inspiring life of making a difference for people in their world, and also in her own.  She is a  'walk the talk' type of person in the area of wellness, and wants to see others feel vibrant, healthy and on track.  There's some qualities she's developed to help with that mission.  Laurelea is persistent in pursuing what’s important; compassionate and connects with people and their dreams; is both discerning and direct when she carries the leaders flag for effective outcomes; uses her creativity to adds spice to solutions; and reflectiveness, to find better solutions through growth of ideas and consideration.  

"When I set my sights on a target, I love to win, however my greatest sense of accomplishment comes from seeing people I’ve influenced, inspired or collaborated with, achieve their goals."