Testimonials — Real Life, Real Changes.

I came to see Laurelea while on holiday, and she helped with my lower back pain enormously. I’ve been doing the exercises and stretching she taught me and they’ve been helping me manage it on my own. I wish I lived closer than a plane flight away!
— LM
Whether its training or treatment, Laurelea has always met me with exuberance, using her knowledge and experience to guide me towards my goals. Having been her client for over 10 years, I can confidently say that she has been an asset to my life journey
— Ashley Heiner, psychologist
Lets not beat around the bush, sometimes Laurelea hurts!! But goodness knows my back would never forgive me if I stopped seeing her.
— John Hudson, Rodeo Clown
Laurelea is such a picture of health and fitness. I’d been watching the great results she got with people for years before I decided to get in great shape for my wedding. She worked closely with me and we achieved a great result. Now that I’ve had two children, and want to return back to my best body, I’m working with her again…and its working. I’m already feeling so much better.
— JB
“Previous to finding Laurelea I had spent more than $20,000 trying to regain my health and get out of chronic pain. I had seen more than 20 physiotherapists, 9 chiropractors, 3 musculoskeletal doctors and a whole host of other practitioners. Very little helped. The integrative therapy that Laurelea has worked with me has provided lasting relief, and by addressing the underlying causes, has led to a recovery the likes of which I had almost given up hope of finding. A truly unique, intelligent and caring practitioner in multiple fields of body mechanics that I can’t recommend highly enough.”
— Matthew Riddell, wellness author & entrepreneur
Laurelea Moss in Room P7 presented the best lecture of the entire conference.
— Dr Errol Harding
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— Laurelea Moss xx